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Creating support structures for Wealth Managers

If you own a financial planning practice, you’ll know that it is difficult to service all your clients.

Advisors face large demands on their time, often having to focus on activities that don’t produce income. It is increasingly difficult to spread themselves across a large client base while adding significant value.

The GCI Optimisation Strategy focuses on leveraging additional time, which we free up for advisors by creating a support structure in their business.

Growth Wealth Managers assist advisors by tapping into their existing client base and unearthing new business that they have not had the time to find themselves.

Advisors have access to back-office functions like admin and support, earn continuing commission, and share in any new business generated from the clients they bring in.

Find out how you can benefit from our Optimisation Strategy by getting your own Financial Advisory Business Insights & Opportunity (FABIO) calculation done today!

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