Robyn Clark

Head of Group Compliance

Robyn joined GCI as the head of Group Compliance in April 2016. Robyn manages and implements compliance strategies, policies and procedures for the GCI Group. Risk and Compliance Management and Risk Mitigation. Monitoring and auditing of compliance requirements. Regulatory reporting to and liaising with FSCA. Robyn’s unique skillset includes being an authorised Category I and Category II Compliance Officer for Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) since 2004. Robyn is a Regulatory Compliance Officer responsible for implementation of all relevant legislation. Robyn is an Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Reporting Officer for Financial Intelligence Centre Act.

Robyn’s previous experience includes:
Compliance Officer at: Masthead Pty Ltd; RMBAM: ABSA (Fund Managers and Stockbrokers): FNB: Moonstone and Information Refinery

Robyn’s Qualifications include:
B.Juris (UPE)- Law 1996
RPE (SAIFM) – Financial Markets, Ethics, Bonds, Equities 2010
Board Governance (UJ) – 2015
Professional Diploma in Compliance – University College Dublin – current