GCI Vision

Our Vision

GCI is a registered, independent, financial services provider that aims to ensure 150 000 South Africans are either in or on their way to a safe retirement by 2025. Through the multiplier effect, this will improve the quality of life for over 1 500 000 individuals.

It’s a lofty ideal, but one that we will work hard to achieve.

Our team of knowledgeable but compassionate experts, in varied financial disciplines, will work closely with you to create a secure retirement strategy that works for you, your employees, or your own advisory business.

We don’t simply look at how much money you need to retire. We examine your life goals, and then offer advice about the best places to invest your money in order to achieve them.

We pride ourselves on our unwavering objectivity and integrity that comes with our fiercely guarded independence.

Every investment decision we make is shaped by our Core Values:

GCI Vision
GCI Vision

360⁰ Excellence lies at the core of our business and permeates through every interaction you have with us, and we have with each other.

GCI Vision

Innovation. It’s in our DNA. We are driven to create a future where safe & secure retirements are the norm for everyone, rather than the exception.

GCI Vision

When you join GCI as a Client, Partner or Employee, you’re joining the GCI Community. Our community is defined by a shared purpose where you’ll always have a place to belong and people in your corner.

GCI Vision

Underpinning all our values is our robust and dedicated belief in Growth for every member of our community, and beyond. Through Excellence, Innovation and Independence, we have the greatest opportunity to change the face of retirement, ensuring growth of all kinds, for our entire community.


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