Personal Medical Aid & Gap Cover

Be prepared for a medical emergency

Every month, a large chunk of your income goes to your medical scheme premiums. It feels like a grudge purchase, until you face a medical crisis. The truth is, medical aid and gap cover is a non-negotiable financial investment in South Africa.

GCI Health Specialists will help you make sense of the often-confusing medical aid industry jargon. We will help you choose the right medical aid and/or gap cover scheme for your needs, and understand the intricacies involved in paying your premiums and claiming when you need to.

We have over 20 registered medical aid schemes under our licence, and we offer impartial assistance to choose the best medical aid to meet your needs.

We also help with managing your scheme details, including:

  • Selecting a suitable benefit option
  • Managing the high annual contribution increases
  • Reducing benefits, if needed
  • Managing co-payments
  • Understanding the exact benefits (including prescribed minimum benefits, chronic medication and the medicine formulary, dental benefits, hospitalisation, and day-to-day benefits)
  • Understanding the structure of the benefits (medical savings account, self-payment gap, above threshold benefits)
  • Understanding the structure of membership (is it a main member + 1 or 2 or 3, or is it a parent/adult/child structure?)
  • Helping with the claims procedure

Let’s talk about your medical aid needs