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If you did a member audit today, what would your score be? Know your fund score – Get your score here.

Employee Benefits GCI average vs Industry benchmark

Independent Fund Audit

How well is your existing employee benefits fund performing? GCI offers an independent fund audit to assess your company’s fund score. See what’s included below:

  • Death & Disability Fees
  • Admin & Consulting
  • Investment Fees
  • Fund costs
  • Appropriateness of death and disability fund
  • Appropriate risk profiling
  • Investment outcomes
  • Functionality
  • System efficiency
  • Administrators
  • Access to info – Employer and Employee
  • Employer dashboard
  • Percentage of successful plans currently in place
  • GCI Benchmark vs industry benchmark

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Are You Offering Your Employees the Best Chance to Retire Safely and Securely?

GCI Employee Benefits is a completely independent employee benefit specialist dedicated to providing clients with the most cost effective, innovative and sustainable risk and retirement fund solutions available in the market place which is easily understood by all involved.

We see ourselves as a “system” within our clients’ organisations and not a product. With many years of experience in the market place, a robust administration and reporting structure as well as a state of the art communication system, we ensure that employees are happy and employers have more time to focus on their core business.

Employee Benefits GCI average
Employee Benefits Industry benchmark