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Asset management for your employees and business

For over 16 years, GCI has been delivering returns through various economic cycles and managing portfolios across all risk profiles. Our portfolios are constructed using both active and passive asset managers to maximise investment returns while minimising investment risk.

We aim to achieve specific return objectives over time, making planning possible for both employee retirement fund members and corporates who are investing their balance sheet capital.

The more predictable the returns, the safer the planning for your business.

As an independent fund manager, we believe in investing in a diversified portfolio through multiple asset managers and asset classes, to manage your and your employees’ investments, and deliver growth securely.

We will tailor-make a comprehensive investment strategy for your business, using:

  • Local Share Portfolios
  • Local Model Portfolios
  • Local Unit Trusts Fund of Funds
  • Offshore Share Portfolios
  • Offshore Model Portfolios
  • Offshore Unit Trusts Fund of Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Section 12J

GCI subscribes to the Cinnabar Investment Management Philosophy and Process

Find out more about the Investment Management Approach by downloading the PDF below. For more information visit Cinnabar.

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