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GCI Wealth Tour 2019

Part 01 – Wealth Tour Highlights
Part 02 – Alex Cook – The evolution of the GCI Brand & Vision
Part 03 – Michael Avery – The end of the Rainbow
Part 04 – Windall Bekker – The Upside of Irrational Behaviour and Investments
Part 05 – Natasja Hart – Navigating the Rainbow, practical tips
Part 06 – Speaker Panel Discussion

GCI Wealth Tour 2017

Alex Cook at the GCI Wealth Tour 2017

Alex Cook talks about “Why should my friends also use GCI as their wealth managers?”

Part 01-Why use GCI
Part 02-The South African problem
Part 03-Developing people
Part 04-Determining client retirement status
Part 05-Treating our clients like family
Part 06-Complete independence
Part 07-Retirement plan and consolidated report
Part 08-Online retirement planner
Part 09-How long will my money last
Part 10-Know your retirement status
Part 11-Creating happy families

Alex Funk at the GCI Wealth Tour 2017

Overview talk about Happiness by Alex Funk

Part 01-South African equities The bigger picture
Part 02-Investor behaviour
Part 03-The broken investor model
Part 04-Forecasting pitfalls
Part 05-Life after junk status
Part 06-Thoughts on manager analysis
Part 07-Asset class holding periods

Yvonne Johnston at the GCI Wealth Tour 2017

Part 01-How happy are you
Part 02-When will you be happy
Part 03-What will make you happy
Part 04-Letting go
Part 05-Letting go of caring what people think about you
Part 06-Letting go of people pleasing
Part 07-Letting go of anxiety and worry
Part 08-Letting go of insecurity
Part 09-Letting go of the past
Part 10-Letting go of spending money on what you don’t need
Part 11-Letting go of anger
Part 12-Letting go of control
Part 13-Letting go of the need to be right
Part 14-Gratitude
Part 15-Savouring the moment
Part 16-Finding purpose and meaning

Why the leopard?

Why the leopard?

For over 2 decades we have been asked “Why the leopard?” and, until now, it’s remained somewhat of an unofficial secret. Apart from its captivating and beautiful appearance, there is a much deeper meaning as to why we have chosen the leopard to be the symbol of GCI.

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