Successful Merger Testimonial


GCI was thrilled when recently Sandy de Bruyn of Sandy Wingfield-Turner & Associates decided to bring her business into our stable, specifically to ensure that she had the support to keep on working productively for as long as possible, and that her clients would not be left in the lurch. Sandy has a sterling reputation in KwaZulu-Natal, with some 25 years of experience as a leading independent financial advisor. She runs a substantial, established practice in Hillcrest, supported by a team of six.

Lack of a viable succession plan can spell financial disaster for advisors and their heirs, and it can impact their clients in all sorts of negative ways. But with sufficient thought and a good partner, there is a solution.

GCI offers an exceptional merger process, to find out more contact us.

Succession Planning Testimonial

“My success story with GCI started a few years ago, when I realised that, as an Independent Financial Adviser heading towards 75 years of age, I was not adequately prepared for the future, and concerned that I would soon be unable to continue in the industry for the following reasons:

  1. My limited use and knowledge of computer related technology and systems.
  2. The financial costs and time limitations in maintaining and improving my compliance requirements in an ever increasingly regulated industry, and
  3. Due to my advancing age, I did not have a suitable Succession Plan to protect my clients, or secure my income in the event of my death or disability.

I was introduced to the GCI Merger and Affiliate Programmes by GCI Wealth Manager, Phil Geary. It became evident that GCI had a succession planning process in place that would address all my concerns.”

“Since joining GCI in 2017, I have been pleasantly impressed with their professional administration systems, their attention to detail, and the superior service offered to my clients, especially via their WealthBit programme and their portfolio and risk analysis structures.

I am now sleeping better at night, and enjoying my other lifestyle interests and hobbies. I have peace of mind knowing that the GCI lifelong annuity programme will secure my future income and allow that to grow by normal inflationary increases, I also benefit from the introduction of new referrals.

I have no hesitation in recommending any other Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) to consider joining this young and dynamic group.”

~ Billy Dicks – GCI Wealth Manager

Successful Wealth Manager Testimonial

“My name is Timothy Rogers and I am a Wealth Manager with GCI Wealth. My primary role with GCI is to build long term relationships with my clients as we work together to make sure that they achieve, what we point out as everyone’s greatest risk, a Safe Retirement.

Someone that I hold in high respect in the financial planning industry and who had previously assisted my father with financial planning had merged with GCI Wealth and only had good things to say about the company and the vision.

I joined GCI Wealth as a brand-new employee. I had not worked in the Independent Financial Advisory space before. My previous employer was an asset management company that ran bespoke share portfolios and I assisted their clients with managing their incomes. While I was working for them, I completed my studies and achieved my CFP designation.”

“Entering the Independent Financial Advisor space under the umbrella of GCI Wealth has been an incredible way of advancing my knowledge and my career. GCI has catapulted my business, which was starting from the ground, five or ten years ahead of where I would have been able to grow it on my own.

It is unlikely that I would have been able to grow my client base fast enough to survive financially without the offering of GCI Wealth. I have been privileged to take over some fantastic clients from other Wealth Managers that have merged with GCI as part of their own succession plan.

GCI is a fantastic community to work with, the client always comes first.”

~ Tim Rogers CFP® – GCI Wealth Manager

Succession Planning Testimonial

The three things I have enjoyed about joining GCI.

  • Knowing that my clients have been taken over by competent advisors for continuity and succession planning.
  • Knowing that the admin abilities of our CRMs’ are competent and efficient. Long may this continue.
  • Also knowing that an affiliate programme is available and has the potential of on boarding new clients with appropriate wealth managers.

A problem solved by joining GCI, is that I now do not have to travel to JHB on such a frequent basis. Having done it for the last 24 years!

~ Gavin Bester – GCI Wealth Manager

Successful Wealth Manager Testimonial

I worked for 7 years as an independent financial planner for a small firm. What concerned me was a lack of a succession plan, not having any operational support systems in place, and not having a watertight compliance process in place.

Since joining GCI a year ago, the biggest problem that has been solved is having the full-time support of a client relationship manager and administrative staff to provide support to me and our clients. GCI has a well-trained and highly competent support staff.

The second problem that I had was sourcing new business. I now receive countless business opportunities through strategic partnerships that the company has.

Thanks to GCI, I have been able to specialise in what I enjoy most, which is investment and estate planning; while still retaining medical aid and short-term business by referring these to the respective teams.

Through referrals from strategic partnerships, I have taken on several professional and high net worth clients who I would otherwise not have crossed paths with before.

If you are looking to join a professional team where you can spend more time doing financial planning and less time doing administration, then I would highly recommend joining GCI.

~ Jason Stevens – GCI Wealth Manager

Successful Wealth Manager Testimonial

I had the opportunity to attend one of GCI’s Wealth Tours back in 2014 where I then began talking to Alex Cook, we spoke about my experience as a tied advisor and the possibility of becoming an independent financial advisor with GCI. What intrigued me about the opportunity was that I would not be restricted to one Financial planning provider and that I would be able to provide unbiased financial advice.

I have been able to give more holistic and unbiased advice as well as professional investment portfolio construction to my clients. I have been given the opportunity to grow my client base and provide them with a personalized financial structure to meet their current and future goals, that will help them to create a safe and secure retirement. I have the mentorship and guidance  from Management such as Alex Cook and Natasja Hart (FPI Financial Planner of the Year) who, through their technical knowledge and experience are able to assist me, as well as my peers who also act as a sounding board when it comes to giving the best financial advice for any client situation that may arise.

In terms of the succession plan, what I like most is the administrative and compliance support that GCI provides. The opportunity should I not be able to practice, or reach retirement, my clients will have a seamless transition to a qualified Wealth Manager.

~ Warren Narramore – GCI Wealth Manager