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Invest in your biggest asset; your people.

Traditionally, the employee benefit landscape has had many challenges; a reluctant participant base, time-consuming admin, and poor member education.

We offer a new perspective.

At GCI, we believe that retirement is just one of your employees’ dreams. Leading a fulfilling life beyond retirement is the real goal. And offering employee benefits enables your employees to build life plans for the future, take care of their loved ones, and own their financial health. It also shows your commitment to lasting employer/employee relationships.

GCI is an active, involved partner to employers and members. We’ll work closely with you to audit, improve or develop your employee benefit scheme, offering cutting-edge technology that shows members what their retirement status is – and employers what their company’s status is – in real time.

Old Way VS the GCI Way

Old Way VS the GCI Way
old vs GCI

Pension & Provident Funds

Group Life, Disability & Funeral Cover

This benefit provides cover to employees’ family or dependents, covering the risk of their death or disablement.

Group Medical

Asset Management

Asset management for your employees and business.