GCI Health Overview

Our focus

Member empowerment, protection and servicing is the driving force behind our team of people, with empathic and genuine service to help you choose the best option to deliver on your well-being.

It’s about our members

Our member-focused philosophy and client-specific servicing, wherein the interests of our members are protected first and foremost without compromise, is what we are all about.

GCI Health recognises that the ever-changing world of the medical scheme industry is a daunting one. Every month a big chunk of your income goes into your medical scheme contribution. Understanding your Medical Aid Benefits is critical to your family’s well-being.

With over 20 registered medical aid schemes under our license, we offer impartial assistance to help you choose the best scheme for you. We do not just service, we build relationships whereby our members know us, trust us and rely on us.

  • The best option for your well-being
  • Empathetic and genuine personal service
  • Member education

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What makes us unique

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