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For Aviators, by Aviators

This 15-minute webinar will change your life!

Our Aviator's Solution

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Hosted by Captain Wynand Serfontein, we share the BIG TIPS for SAA and similar aviation employees on the next steps regarding funds and financial well-being.

Our Aviator's SolutionEarly 2020 has seen big changes for aviators around the world, particularly those in SAA, Comair and SA Express. Having a number of pilots as clients, we at GCI see this as critical to being available for them even more so during these difficult and uncertain times.

We know Aviation

We developed a structured investment solution with a dedicated view for the future financial implication of pilots, flight attendants, technicians, operations support staff and anyone else in the aviation space.


Because retirement requires drawing a salary from your pension. The earlier you start drawing, the earlier your total investment starts depleting. Also, moving an existing fund to another provider may be costly and time-consuming.

What you need to know as an employee:

  1. There are potentially a number of different funds, and you need to understand which one you’re on.
  2. Knowing if you have a Continuation Option on your Life Cover.
  3. What underwriting options you have if the Continuation Option is not available to you.
  4. TAX efficiency is paramount, both now and into the future.

We will coach you and figure it out together. After all, everyone’s situation is different.

Our team of experts will give you the best view of your existing portfolio, work with you to determine your future options, to ensure that you get the best financial solution for your future.

Here’s how it works:

  • Seamless transfer of pension benefits.
  • Conversion of risk benefits (disability and life cover) as per pension rules.

Email us on financialfreedom@gci.co.za

For Aviators, by Aviators

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    Our Aviator's Solution

    Testimonial: Capt. Wynand Serfontein

    “I recently decided to take the over-50’s contact at SAA which meant I could access my Pension Fund benefits early, and needed advice on the best investment options to ensure a secure financial future for my family and I. Through a friend, I was referred to Sandy de Bruyn in GCI Hillcrest, who have been instrumental in assisting with Investment, Risk cover and Taxation advise.

    I was unsure about what to do and where to invest, plus I was nervous about leaving the Transnet Retirement Fund.  After my first meeting with Sandy and her colleagues, I knew I had found the right place.”

    This is an excerpt from Wynand’s full testimonial. To read the full message, please click here.