Our Profound Succession Planning and Growth Offering

Grow, optimise or put succession planning in place for your financial planning business.

While working towards our ambition of having 150 000 people retirement ready by 2025, we realised we had to overcome the problem of succession planning for financial advisors.

Client-facing financial advisors for wealth, medical aids, employee benefits and short-term insurance all face the same problem: They are generally self-employed and only earn an income while they are working. Their income slows down and eventually grinds to a halt after they retire.

We want to help Wealth Managers build sustainable businesses for the future. For those who are still working, becoming part of GCI makes it possible to do more business development and see more clients, while being confident that back-office functions like compliance, accounts, admin and support are taken care of.

GCI offers three solutions to either grow your practice, optimise your practice or put a succession plan in place for your business.

Grow your practice

Optimise your practice

Leverage additional time and additional revenue by being a part of the GCI support structure.

Succession planning for your practice