December downtime on a budget

December downtime on a budget

by Alex Cook

December Downtime on a budget

December 2020 – phew, we made it, and what a strange and challenging year it has been!


The pandemic and lockdown have certainly taken a toll on many a budget, so we asked members of the GCI team for some great ideas on how to spend the holidays with friends and loved ones while giving your wallet a bit of a holiday too.



“We love the outdoors. Whenever we can, we go on hikes with our doggies. Getting outdoors is a great way to break the everyday mundane routine. We also are obsessed with playing Banana Rama (also known as Bananagrams) and card games.”

– Gabriella Pappas – Paraplanner



“We are very fortunate to live fairly close to the sea, so we love going on beach walks, especially Sassy our little fur-child. After a nice long stroll, Sassy and Daddy (my husband, Sakkie) enjoy a good afternoon nap.”

– Sandy de Bruyn – Wealth Manager



“Something my wife and I love to do is be tourists in our own city. Take yourself on a free walking tour. Explore places like coffee shops or restaurants you’ve never visited before. You never know what you might find just outside your doorstep.”

– Jason Stevens – Wealth Manager



“My wife and I love spending time with our dogs, Chilli and Basil. Chilli loves water, hopping in and out, and putting on a show. It occupies her and entertains us for ages.”

– Michael Stolk – Head of Finance



“There is nothing more relaxing and entertaining than good old quality time with my two favourite people – my hubby and my little boy. I love taking out the stroller and seeing how my little one’s eyes light up when it’s time to take a walk around the block just before the sun sets. It’s a great time to chat, catch up on the day and just close the day off with some fresh air. I definitely make this a priority in the Holiday season and increase the quality time spent!

Nadia Brits – Operations Manager



“Whenever my wife and I travel anywhere, we always have a small bag of ‘pocket games’ on us to play at coffee shops, on a train or at home after dinner. It’s engaging, keeps your mind alive and better than resorting to watching TV. It’s also a great way of breaking the ice and meeting new people. Everyone loves a game!”

– Don Packett – Head of Marketing


One of the many things that 2020 has taught us is to appreciate all that we have and that especially includes appreciating the health and well-being of our family – including, of course, our animals.


As you can see from some of the above activities, the GCI team really do love their pets, and we know our broader GCI community – you – do too, and so we are very excited to announce that we have partnered with the great folks at PawPaw Pet Health Insurance, to make sure your WHOLE family is covered.


Contact your adviser to find out more about the coverage options.


We hope that 2021 will indeed be far less crazy and that you will be one step closer every day to reach your goals. Make sure you are on track now and always with Wealthbit.


We wish all our clients, partners, friends, families, and fur-children a wonderful festive season, and we wish you a prosperous 2021.