The golden nuggets of Wealth Tour 2020

The golden nuggets of Wealth Tour 2020

by Alex Cook
Group CEO

Purpose is so important because it gives reason to your existence. It allows you to live and not just survive.


Wealth Tour 2020 was unlike any other Wealth Tour we’ve had before. Along with the fact that it was our first-ever tour run online, there were golden nuggets shared in the session that far exceeded our expectations. delivered by the legendary ex-F1 driver, David Coulthard, who was our esteemed guest speaker. The cherry on top was Mark Gallagher interviewing DC on our behalf. What a privilege!

So many thought-provoking ideas were discussed, and if I had to pick my top three take-homes, to be inspired by, it would be the following:

1.    Find your purpose in life

The discovery of your purpose early on in life is an absolute gift, but it’s never too late. It also doesn’t matter if your purpose doesn’t become clear right away. You may find, over time, that it’s not what you planned in the first place.

Most people don’t think about their life’s purpose, and just go through the motions of day-to-day life; reach the other end of life having had no purpose and no real direction. The important thing is to keep searching and keep trying until you find it.

Purpose is so important because it gives reason to your existence. It allows you to live and not just survive. Your life’s purpose is your life’s message. Start by asking yourself the question: What is the message you want to drive while you are here on earth?

2.    Use data in decision-making and use technology to simplify

“I get very excited about this, personally – about having a vision to use the technology that we have to serve people. To make better and more consistent decisions.” This is one of my favourite lines shared by David during the interview on the topic of why data and technology are so important when making educated decisions.

Using real-time data and technology can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

In David’s case, he was leading the Grand Prix in Monaco but was blissfully unaware that there was an oil leak in the engine. Luckily, one of the engineers noticed the issue while monitoring the feedback from the car and was able to trigger a transfer from an auxiliary oil tank. It was only later that David had realised how much of a close call his victory really was.

We have all this amazing technology around us to be able to interpret our own data to help us make the right decisions going forward.

When speaking of investments, David drove the case of using the power of technology to our very best benefit, to ensure technology worked for us in order to give us fewer – but more focused – options to choose from, as opposed to having to look through thousands of options and hopefully making the right choice.

3.    Maintaining a disciplined life

Maintaining a highly disciplined life has certainly led to David’s career being sustainable where he’s become more successful now, financially, than he was during his racing career.

David has always believed in having a primary focus on the next step while still keeping an eye on the goal at the end. “How do you walk a mile? You walk it one step at a time. You can’t just look at a mile and expect to be there. You’ve got to put in the effort.”

The discipline comes in on those small steps between where you are now, and your goal. With each step, you need to keep at it and keep consistent. If an obstacle comes up, discipline is the drive to find a way over, under, around or through it, if you must, to get that one step closer to your goal.

If you missed the Wealth Tour event on 1 September, you can still watch the replay here, where you are sure to find even more golden nuggets to take home and use each and every day on your way to achieving your goals.

The golden nuggets of Wealth Tour 2020
L to R: Hakkinen 2nd, Winner Coulthard and Barrichello, 3rd French GP, Magny Cours, 2 July 2000