Love your future self

Love your future self

by Alex Cook

Fall in love with Future-You

February – known all around the world as The Month of Love. While February and Valentine’s day is typically spent showering others with love, there’s a very important person that you should remember to love 365 days on the year – no, I’m not going to be cliché and say ‘yourself’ (well not exactly; maybe a little), but your Future-Self.


We all have those ‘would’ve, should’ve, could’ve’ moments in life. Who hasn’t daydreamt about going back in time and preparing your younger self for what’s to come?


Being in the Planning-for-the-Future business, GCI has seen its fair share of once future-selves that had been forgotten about and neglected when their future became the now. Though we believe it’s never too late to make the necessary changes.


The reality is when it comes to money and your financial future, a little future planning today can go a long way in relieving stress, achieving your goals, and protecting what matters.

Those who are closer to or are in the midst of their golden years will know just how beneficial it is to start as early as possible and ask for help.


As you may know, Wealthbit is GCI’S go-to de facto financial future and scenario-planning tool used to set and track your financial goals factoring in any changes and inflations that may come your way.
Putting your bigger picture in place as to how the changes and decisions you make today affect your financial future and ultimately your future self.


So, ensure you are taking steps each and every day, all year round, to make your Future-Self proud.


Feel free to contact your wealth manager should you need more info. Or click here to find out more about the Wealthbit App