Why the leopard?

Why the leopard?

by Alex Cook

Why the Leopard?

The image of a leopard has long been in GCI’s branding and documentation, essentially, as our mascot. Unlike in the wild, though, it’s not difficult to spot a leopard lurking somewhere in our offices, company stationery, website, or social media pages.

So, for over 2 decades, understandably, we have been asked by many people “Why the leopard?” and, until now, it’s remained somewhat of an unofficial secret. Apart from its captivating and beautiful appearance, there is a much deeper meaning as to why we have chosen the leopard to be the symbol of GCI.

Leopards are (to name a few):

  • Natural leaders
  • Survivors and are adaptable to various circumstances and elements
  • Agile in going after their prey and dodging obstacles
  • Self-assured, confident go about their day with purpose
  • Able to navigate in the dark
  • Intelligent and skilled climbers
  • Adaptable to changes and surroundings


So, what does all this have in common with GCI?


Last week, at GCI’s annual LEAP Conference, we launched our “Why the Leopard?” video to our team, and now we want to share it with you. It features members from our team, our community, which we are all so incredibly proud of. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Why we believe the leopard fits perfectly into GCI’s DNA:

We are natural leaders in Financial Advice. The GCI community is a group of survivors – weathering fast and uncertain changes in the world.

It is our job to be agile in going after the best of the best services for our clients and helping them dodge potential financial obstacles.

Each and every member of the GCI community is self-assured and confident in their abilities to help people reach their financial goals.

We live our lives with purpose – our purpose is to change the face of retirement.

We may not have nocturnal vision, but we are able to navigate in dark and uncertain times using tools such as Wealthbit.

We pride ourselves on being highly skilled in helping South Africans climb the ladder to a successful financial future.

We are adaptable to vast changes in life and financial climates to ultimately drive growth for our clients, ourselves, and our country.


Ultimately, we pride ourselves on our 5 core values of Excellence, Innovation, Independence, Community and Growth. It’s through this that we continue to move the needle for you, ourselves and our country.